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May 24, 2011

Mobile learning

When it comes to mobile learning think again.

Who is doing more today for embedding  learning than Apple or Nokia? And I bet that the e-G8 people who are meeting these day in Paris will have something to say on the subject.

For sure, swell stuff is coming. I hope very soon. Something like that?

Something will come. The question is to know what. After this disappointing, Copenhagen-like e-G8, we need  to understand that BIG things are still a Work In Progress.

But we still can find swell stuff everywhere to help us.

The amount of truly educational stuff that you can do with smart phones is amazing! I am not talking about texting, facebooking or tweeting, playing games in class, listening to music … I am talking about having your own uni embedded in my phone… There are geographical applications, instant surveys, diaries, glossaries, virtual museum visits, books, documentaries, uni courses and not to mention heaps of potentially useful applications. It has come to a stage that if you want pretty much anything …there’s an app for that!

The powerpoint presentation highlighted eight pedagogical considerations facilitated by mobile learning. These were problem-based learning, situational learning, learning from the constructivist perspective, context awareness learning (the virtual visits to museums and galleries mentioned above), embracing the “socio-cultural theory of learning, collaborative learning, conversational learning (among peers) and activity learning.

The problems for teachers seem to be firstly knowing about all the useful applications and secondly knowing how to make best use of these applications.

Another issue is the big business willing to enter the market. Leaving aside the as yet unexamined consequences of the “screen culture”, it is clear that the big companies in the ICT area are in the business to make as much money as possible. It is clear that they will be keen for their equipment to be used in education as quickly as possible with funding coming from government. Mobile learning has obviously been successful already to some capacity: Mixing learning and mobile to get education for all